Leader Bike Kagero

Super type. As expected, the fat has been polished I've been running in Kishine Park nearby from the morning. 4Low. No, my body was heavy lol I tried to hang it, but my hands seemed poor lol But it's refreshing to go to work after sweating! I feel like my work is progressing without my heart ... smile Everyone is not only in the cooler pounding room, but also GO OUT !! If you go outside, there are some places that are cooler than your house, and as a result, both power saving and nedation CO2♪ Especially if you move by bicycle. It's nice yeah --- Is it so hot these days recently? That's because I thought. I'm worried that I will eat the tail on the earth. If you look at it, you just talked about this, right? Laughing Kagero details will be carried over next time! ! smile
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12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)