Leader Bike 735TR W/AEROSPOKE

This is Bay Side Blue. It is unknown from the top, but don't worry lol I just thought so. No, but it's a good naming, right? Is it a trademark and this? smile Did you finally be hit by the heat 4Low ... After all it's summer! I guess I wanted to escape from the heat I wanted to do! I was choosing such a cool coloring like nature lol
I'm using it nowLeader Bike Down Town Drop Bar It's easy to use and I like it.
Thomson Elite Seat PostSet tioga spyder twin tail! Because it is a mesh, it is not stiff, but rather absorbs the shock. Moreover, thanks to this design, it is not stuffy♪ It is a saddle that is not only designed but also functionality. By the way, Thomson's silver is beautiful :)
AerospokeGloss black is also luxurious again! SRAM OMNIUM CRANK SET The place to tighten is crazy! The blog I just raisedIf you match it with the Blue Line of the RESISTANT STRAP The best. White is a expansion color, so the presence is tremendous than black. I want a cool, simple, fashionable, impactful fast bicycle! ! I've already said something 735TR WHITEI can only think of it. It was 4Low from Bramble Castle. LEADER BIKE 735TR WHITE Original custom completed car ¥ 246,487 (with the same specifications as the photo / by pedal strap) Local piste photos are being recruited at any time! ! Click here for post →brotures2009@gmail.com BROTURES YOKOHAMA TEL: 045-413-7875 Mail: Brotures2009@gmail.com 2-1 Saito-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Brotures Harajuku TEL: 03-6804-3115 Mail: Brotures2011@gmail.com 4-26-31 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Web shop! !Free shipping on mail order orders over 10,000 yen! ! All models with 6 months warranty! !(Limited to bicycles purchased in our shop)
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