Knog Blinder Lights

It's raining today. Do you leave the bicycle outside on such a day and leave the lights as it is? In fact, many lights are not waterproof. I often hear problems with failures, but that is usually due to rain. BROTURES's best recommendation is this light! ! KNOG BLINDER LIGHTS ¥ 4,410 yen (tax included)
Blinder Lights is 100%waterproof. It is enough to put it in the water in a cup. And I'm surprised because the light reaches 800mm. After that, is there anybody who keeps the battery? Normal light is a bean battery. The places that are sold are also limited It will be troublesome to change it. thisKnog Blinder LightsA place where you can charge the excellent part of USB! And you don't need an adapter. Just insert it directly into your computer!
1200 times can be charged. It can be used semi -permanently. And I want to recommend this too. KNOG BLINDER LIGHTS ¥ 2,730 yen (tax included)
BLINDER of the small size of the popular Knog Blinder Lights1 !! When attached to a piste bike, it feels simple and very sophisticated and very good. Here you can reach 600mm ahead.
DosnoventaDid you know that there is such a video of Knog Blinder? [VSW ID = "44370315" Source = "Vimeo" Width = "425" Height = "344" autoplay = "No"] Knog Blinder LightsTry it. natsuka
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