Leader Bike Pharaoh Chrome

26 "frame for leader bike tricks Pharaoh (Pharaoh) This time, I tried to assemble the red in the chrome plating color to the spices.
The crank isResist Relapse 3pccrank. Because it is a 19mm spindle, BB is also Animal19mm Mid BB Now MID is the mainstream. I'm hiding, but the BB is also a RD spacer and gives a sense of unity ^^ The chain ring is Leader Bike Marcus Sprocket according to the frame. A beautiful chain ring reminiscent of stained glass.
Of course, the handleLeader Bike Neighborhood Riser Bar There is also a shim to convert to 25.4mm, so there is no need to replace the stem. However, this time the handle diameter is 22.2mm, so I want to chew without a shim.Animal Jump Off Remix StemChoice. The color is out, so it's easy to pour, and it's cool.
The folk is the Leader Reaper Fork with the nickname of the Reaper Clearance is like this because it is a fork for 700C. The photo wears a 2.3 -inch tire.
Let's introduce the detailed details of the Pharaoh frame later :)
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