A Day of "Counter Attraction"

I came to the piste bike shop in Shonan. 721TR COMPLETETE BIKE Test drive Shonan sales agency 「Counter Attraction」 A shop with a unique atmosphere of Shonan, all stores and office staff As a teenager, I have been surfing, and I'm a friend who shares hobbies. I visited on the day of the manager's holiday and decided to close his holidays. 5 minutes by bicycle to Kugenuma Beach with his car Leader 725TR On this day when the typhoon was approaching, there was a wavy waves even in the evening. To the sea until the waves are no longer visible with a few common friends. [Gallery link = "file"] Recently, I went to Shonan once a week before work and entered the sea together. There is the word "world view",

Sekai-Kan -Kuwan 2 [World view]

(1)worldaboutPerspectiveView(2)[Tetsu] [(((())Germany) WeltanSChauung]worldaboutUnifiedandOverallNamedUnderstandingobjectiveNamedsubjectGraspWorld image)Unbelievable,person'sIndependentNamedsignificanceDepending on the relationshipConsequencesstand. (3)Cultural anthropologySo,PeopleBeworldaboutPerspectiveThat's right.timeorspaceofCategorymythologyRitualSuchinsideYou can find it.
After all, in the world that I can see, New things sometimes break, expand, and change their view of the world. I think humans are the only species on the earth that can do that.
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