The Key of Necessaries

It is a year -end party series. I also had a mix of year -end party around T19.
After all everyoneHow I Roll
BROTURES will also have new colors around March, so look forward to it! T19 × How I Roll Two-Four ”¥ 77,700
Do you lock it properly when you go out during this year -end party season? It's best not to ride when you put it for a long time at night, When you absolutely, be sure to have a little sturdy key. Abus Steel-O-Chain 880 /850mm ¥ 6,720
This is the size that can be used to the waist. Abus Steel-O-Chain 880 /1100mm ¥ 7,560
This is the size that can be hung on the shoulder! Abus Tresor 1385 ¥ 6,720
This is recommended for those who are troublesome to have a key because they are numbering. ABUS 1500/1100mm ¥ 2,100
This is a locking carbon wheel and the body rather than stopping the body. It is recommended for brushing several units when stopping with some people. andBrotures Leather Collection [Leather Lock] ¥ 18,900
Leather craftsmanTAKAJINBROTURES original lock born in joint development. Adopt ABUS chain. 100 % domestic leather, Made in Japan. It is made carefully by the craftsman's hands. Don't forget this too. Brotures Leather Collection [Ankle Band]/[SNAP TIPO] ¥ 6,300 [Ankle Band Emboss] ¥ 7,350
Today is Christmas Eve. You can give yourself a present or ask her. Please stick to yourself for your bicycle until the end. natsuka
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