At Tachikawa Bicycle Racetrack

There seems to be an interesting event today, so I would like to introduce it!
Sunday, September 9, 2012 Run the bank! Bicycle race player experience (Tachikawa City)
Date and time
Sunday, September 09, 2012 12: 30-16: 30
Tachikawa Bicycle Racetrack
3-32-5 Akebonocho, Tachikawa City
15 people
tuition fee
500 yen for insurance fee, teaching materials cost, and various rental charges
Riko Kobayashi
Yujiro Koyama (Tachikawa City)
Class coordinator
Yoshinobu Nishikawa Yukari Yukari
■ Theme Learn and experience bicycle racing as a bicycle competition, and know how to enjoy it. ■ About classes Keirin is also an Olympic event. This is a class where you can learn and experience the "bicycle race", a bicycle competition originating in Japan. Why don't you look into the lives and psychology of players who have been isolated from the world three days ago and challenge the race on the day? Walking through the Bank of the Tachikawa Bicycle Racetrack, which is the venue of the 2013 Tokyo National Athletic Meet, you can run on your own bicycle or rental (competition bicycle). A special project that was realized to start renovation from the day after class. Please go out in your favorite style, such as everyday going out, roads, MTB, and fixes. A bank with a tilting angle of 31 degrees is enough to walk on your own feet. The teacher is the two active players of Girls Keirin, which was revived for the first time in 48 years this year. Riko Kobayashi, who has been a winner in the first match, and Rukuruko Masushige, who is also an active female college student. For women, please do not hesitate to apply. Those with rentals ・ Pist (competition bicycle) ·Helmet ·uniform ■ I want you to come to this person ・ I am interested in bicycle racing ・ I want to know the back of the bicycle race track ・ I am interested in the lives and psychology of the players ・ I am interested in Girls Keirin and the players who have been revived for the first time in 48 years ・ I like running by bicycle ・ It feels good to go out on a bicycle ・ I want to walk in the bank, run on my own bicycle ・ I want to ride a piste (competition bicycle) ■ Class flow
Tachikawa Bicycle Racetrack Near the voting main buildingStart accepting
Start of class Visit, etc., such as bicycle racetracks, back stands, player dormitory, etc.
Teacher joining / self -introduction Lecture on bicycle racing
Bicycle race player experience (optional) ・ Wearing uniforms ・ Bank walking tour ・ Bank bicycle driving ・ Question to the teacher
Commemorative photo / teacher left Let's still experience the bank
■ belongings Mandatory belongings ・ Writing utensils Any ・ Bicycle regardless of the model (those who want to run a bank with your own bicycle) ・ Helmet (who holds) ■ Capacity / deadline 15 people (on a first -come, first -served basis) ■ Notes Please come with easy -to -move shoes and clothes. The experience fee includes the insurance price during the class, but please be careful when driving bicycle. * Please apply after registering students. ■ Correspondence such as rainy weather Bank driving on bicycles may be canceled in rainy weather. It is a stormy weather. ■ Inquiries For the contents of the class, please contact the following email address. 090-8105-8434 (secretariat) * You cannot apply by phone. * For the location of the venue and the content of the class, please ask Tokyo Nishigawa University. This event is not sponsored by Brotures, but is sponsored by Tokyo Nishigawa University. It may be interesting to try to participate because the experience of running a truck of bicycle racing is not the case!
73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama MAP
12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)