Today is the sun, the temperature is warm, and it's a pleasant day to ride a bicycle! However, these days, the night is so cold, so don't be careful! Ma Kichijoji is scattered all over the store, and I think that it is a city where you can enjoy while taking a walk, so I think that it is possible to take a walk on the train. People who do not go to Kichijoji very much, those who can not go far, etc. are honestly unknown. I took a picture of the road and the road so that people can easily reach the store so that I want to go from now on, so please refer to it! !
It's from the ticket gate of the Inokashira Line ~ (I guess I could enter well ...) Kichijoji has a Chuo Line, so I will have a break to the exit. So first of allNorth exitPlease head to! When it comes outWide rotaryThere are several bus stops. Crossing in front of youPlease cross as it comes out. (4th photo) Then, with the roof in front of youSun Road Shopping Street"As it comes out, let's go straight! When you enter the shopping street, you will see a Mac and a shoe store on your left. Then one on the left hand,Large road where the roof is goneBecause it comes outBend to the leftLet's do it. As you walk, on your right, "Copis Kichijoji""Seven-ElevenSee on the left. (Photo 7,8,9) We will proceed without worrying about either. At the end of the eyes, ""Tokyu department storeIs appearing, so go thereSong on the rightI will go. If you come this far, it's almost near! ContinuouslyWalk on a thick streetlet's go.Cross the pedestrian crossingplease give me. (Photo 10) The temple wall continues on the right side, on the leftFamily Mart(Photo 11) will come out. As you walk as it isGokkaichi Kaido"This also hits a thick road. OppositeMusashino Hachimangu ShrineMaruetsu(Supermarket) will come out, soCross the pedestrian crossing to the Maruetsu sidePlease. (Photo 13) Finally the goal. There is Brotures Kichijoji on the building next to Maruetsu along the Itsukaichi Kaido! ! It's pretty easy to understand, right? ? However, even if you often come to Kichijoji, I don't think this side is easy, so you may not know ... In such a case, please feel free to call immediately! ! Then we are waiting for you at the store! ! ↓ Click here for inquiries ↓
1-1-2 Kichijoji Kitamachi, Musashino City, Tokyo MAP
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