Update of Philwood Single SPEED CRANKSET

It seems that PHILWOOD's New Crank has been released on Euro Bike. The package seems to be limited to cranks. Is it an adult and a luxurious specification with all -black and polished undercarriage? Put a polished white and make it feel like a chara (in a good way)? It's up to you. Polish parts in both rabbits and horns have infinite possibilities depending on the combination And the PHILWOOD polish gives you a different shine and a vibes that can not be written. People who know good things are "good people". PHIL WOOD TRACK CRANKS KIT INCLUDES: • 170mm PHIL WOOD TRACK CRANKS (Polished) • 48t PHIL WOOD TRACK CHAINRING • Polished Silver Crankarm Dust Covers • PHIL WOOD BB (Sealed/110mm) • Polished Silver PHIL WOOD MUD GUARDS • PHIL WOOD BB Tool • Limited Run Packaging
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