Fizik ARIONE & LIGHT Physique Arione

Silhouette like this seabed fish
$ Brotures harajuku
It's an LED light Actually, it is a Fizik exclusive light.
Brotures Harajuku
Brotures Harajuku
It's not so good when you look at it alone It's cool to wear! The price is easy to purchase at 1,400 yen. At the same time, a large amount of saddles are available.
Brotures Harajuku
Brotures Harajuku
FIZIK ARIONE ¥ 13,000 Even if you customize the handle or pedal Riding comfort changes, I think the saddle is the most different one. Less resistance to the buttocks Physique where the ease of squeezing is improved. This is for drop bars and bullhorn.
$ Brotures harajuku
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