Leader Bike 725TR Brotures Original Custo...

Leader Bike's basic aerof lame Leader 725TR By customer order You can get a completely different personality. Here are some of the 725TRs we have built today.
$ Brotures harajuku
I put Aero Spoke on the front
$ Brotures harajuku
Beautiful pearl white 725TR This is, Insert the red well Thomson setback sheet postIncorporated
$ Brotures harajuku
Street style 725TR Even though it's the same frame Depending on the owner's sense No matter how much the phantom 725TR One of your only warriors Let me assemble at BROTURES. LEADER 725TR Custom Order completed car ¥ 129,150 ~ Face book page Brotures Harajuku Jingumae, Shibuya -ku 4-26-31 03-6804-3115 YOKOHAMA JAHLIFE 2-1 Saito -cho, Kanagawa -ku, Yokohama 045-413-7875
73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama MAP
12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)