Leader Bikes 735TR x 5spoke Carbon WHEEL

"735TR" of Extreme Aer Frame, a symbol of Leader Bikes This time, I pulled out a slightly nostalgic custom. First, the front wheel. Now you can not get the 5 -spoke baton in the photo, the 5 -spoke will be released as a new product from GAN WELL soon. We are currently accepting reservations at Harajuku store, so please order it. GAN WELL GW-W5000 5spoke WHEEL [F] ¥ 130,000 (EX, Tax) → Click here to make a reservation ← And the rear wheel is a colorful POLISH BULE HPLUS SON SL-42. In the heyday of 42mm wheels, everyone was wearing this wheel. However, even now, its popularity has not diminished, and it is useful by experts with the strength that does not get stuck even if it rides roughly. Why don't you take this opportunity to straddle 735TR and take a new life? Orders and inquiries are also possible by phone or email. Please feel free to ask a question. In the case of 36 loan payments First time ... ¥ 11,492 35 times after ... ¥ 10,400 → Click here to order ← LEADER BIKES 735TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 170,000 (EX, Tax) 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com Yusuke
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