Mud brake for mad fixes.

It is the arrival of new products. TRP RG957 ¥ 19,800- High -grade model of long arched caliper brake with few options. It is a caliper with the same arm length as the familiar DIA-COMPE BRS101. You may not know surprisingly, but there are occasional problems such as the brake you want to attach, because the fixie bike does not assume that you will attach a brake in the first place. There are occasional phenomena that Leader Bikes does not reach the rear brake due to gear ratio. It is a part that you can not understand unless you try it. The caliper with a slightly long arm like the DIA-COMPE BRS101 is a flexible and reliable guy in terms of mechanical perspectives. Are there any cooler guys other than BRS101? When I looked for it, I found it. The TRP is a brand that has launched the brake system in bicycles, material, function, design, and the highest quality. The performance is also ink. It's already this! What? Moreover, the mad texture will definitely look good! The price is conscientious, and it is an absolutely recommended brake caliper for those who have not yet customized the brakes. Junki 045-413-7875 [Map to Brotures Yokohama]
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