Leader Bikes "Kagero" Custom

Hello! Thank you for your hard work yesterday! I think there are many people who have a pain, so please take a rest! ! It seems that colds are popular, so please be careful! By the way, the custom bike introduced today is "Kagero", which is positioned as a high -end model in Leader Bikes. The frame using the high -quality aluminum in the 7000s has a very lightweight finish. The frame where the top tube called the Pashute Frame goes forward is also suitable for street ride. Tokyo has a lot of traffic lights, and inevitably the number of stops and go will increase, but it is a frame that can relieve the stress of that side well! ! In this custom, I installed carbon wheels back and forth for such a lightweight "Kagero" and finished it even more lightly. Leader Bikes "Kagero" Custom Bike ¥ 437,270- Frame:Leader Bikes Kagero Handle:DEDA Street-Issimo STEM:DEDA ZERO 100 Pista Wheel f, r:BROTURES T4 Crank:Sugino 75 Crank SEAT POST:Thomson Elite SADDLE: SELLE SAN Marco Concor Racing Number of payments 24 times 5 % of real annual rate Installation payment fee 23,131 yen A total of installment payments 460,401 yen 1st payment amount 21,101 yen x 1 time Payment from the second time 19,100 yen x 23 times Spring is approaching there, and now is the best time to surely embark on a bicycle! Piste bikes are more playful than ordinary bicycles, and are one of the hobbies that everyone can easily start. To start a new thing, you need a little courage, but if you take a step, you will surely be satisfied! ! Why do not you use a commuting time every day to make a healthy and pleasant rich life? ? If you are a little interested, I would be grateful if you could come to the store first! ! In addition, you can answer questions by phone or email, so please feel free to use it! I'm looking forward to your visit! BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email: kichijoji@broRes.com
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