This is the saddle this year!

BROOKS died unfortunately. BROOKS, who couldn't afford to buy a new horse, borrowed a bicycle from a friend, but he was dissatisfied with the saddle of the saddle and swearing that he had to do something himself. That is the beginning of the saddle brand BROOKS that everyone knows well. Originally, you made horse saddles and leather products. It's like Hermes. It is good, and the recommended saddle is now in stock, so please report. BROOKS CAMBIUM C13 ¥ 28,600- A new model with a more attractive flagship model of the Cambium series. The weight is 259g, which is about 150g lighter than the existing Cambium, while the saddle top rubber structure remains the same. The benefits of the carbon rails are easy to experience the sitting surface, which is a feature of the hammock saddle, and can comfortably protect the rider from a slight vibration due to long -distance rides. Is it easy to understand the mechanism like KURVE in Fizik? No way Made in Italy. Isn't it Ingland! There is a feeling that I want to do it, but I feel romantic that such a long -established store is doing innovative things. BROOKS CAMBIUM C15 CARVED ¥ 18,600- This is also available. A comfort model that eliminates pressure by hole in the upper part of the saddle based on the slender Road / MTB model Cambium C15. It enables more comfortable rides and reduced weight. If you press it by hand, it will be so messy. It is a saddle you want to get once. Just as most of the adolescent problems were the opposite sex, the saddle is the most of the fixes. Is it too much? 。 You can't meet your saddle unless you try it so that she can't do it even if she waits. This is really. 。 。 Your new girlfriend may be Cambium. And the new candidate is at Brotures Yokohama. I'm a girlfriend with a wide range of defense, so it's a bit. smile BROOKS CAMBIUM RUBBER BAR TAPE ¥ 5,200- By the way, this is also available. Bar tape made of rubber material with excellent grip that can be used comfortably in all weather and durable. My YOSHIE is also a favorite. YOSHIE is comfortable with moderate grip and thickness. Bar tape is a consumable item, so it seems worth trying once at the next timing. Recently, BROOKS lin -ups have been substantial. In addition, we have a standard leather saddle and tools. After all, BROOKS is just fashionable. I like it. Did you know that the early MASH was surprisingly high in BROOKS? Junki 045-413-7875 [Map to Brotures Yokohama]
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