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It is already 1/4 this year as soon as possible. Speaking of April, a new life. I can graduate from college safely this March, and my friends around me are working to prepare to be a new member of society. He seems to be working. What is the other person's affair is because the environment hasn't changed so much because I was able to work at Brotus as it was. I would like to propose a lifestyle that I want to recommend to those who want to welcome them today, not those who want to welcome them today. At least those who live in Japan will have some routine work. To put it badly, repeat the same thing every day. Do you feel disgusted with such everyday life? So let's ride a bicycle for a change!I don't say simple things. Of course, a fixie bike is an interesting bicycle just by riding. The feeling of overturning common sense cannot be easily tasted in modern society. However, what I want to say may be enough. The point is to take a detour. Don't take a detour! I was often scolded when I was young, but when I grow up, I think it's a strange story to take a detour. But why is this a pretty good change? The road that I have never been, a store that I have never entered, a bridge that I have never crossed, ... 5 Cups, my favorite song. It's not an exaggeration, but something that is rolling unexpectedly. And the bicycle is a vehicle that makes you a good partner. A bicycle that can not be walked on a walk, and a bicycle that can pass on the side road that cannot be reached by car is perfect for a detour. When I feel depressed or have a bad thing, I make a little detour, adventure around the city, and get home. There is no need to run fast because it is a fixie bike. Isn't it okay to crude sometimes? If you have difficulty in Chari, you can use the distance from your home to the station. Please straddle your bicycle and take a detour from your usual everyday life. At that time is the start of a new life. And there is no time that is suitable for that timing. It starts from that moment, taking one step from everyday life. Not only new people, high schools and universities can only have a new life. Rather, I would like to recommend it to others. So, at the beginning, I made it difficult to understand that I want to have a new life. I thought, but it was a good day. You can always have a new life. People who are good at living are people who are good at breathing. I have been in the store all the time since this spring, so please contact us as much as you want. I'm waiting for you today in Kichijoji. Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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