"How to spend the best holidays"

How are you all on holidays!? I have more time on a holiday. I think that is rare. Before I got on the fixie bike, I noticed at 18:00 at night, and even if I was thinking of getting up, my body was dull, and I was wasting time. However, by riding a piste bike, you will naturally want to straddle bicycles on a sunny sunny day, and you can ride it like a fitness, so it will be a good exercise. It is also a perfect season for bicycles. When exercising, going to cherry blossoms, running leisurely along the sea, running around the wind, and running while exchanging parts with friends like a mini 4WD, making the best holiday. It's a hobby, exercise, and it's fashionable and cool. https://vimeo.com/124662726 Would you like to start a fixie bike as a part of a new life!? U-KI.
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