BUMBRICH 3rd Anniversary Party!

Hello, this is Natsuka for the second time today! The other day, Yamamoto Kid, a rider of Broturs He came to play to replace the handle!
$ Brotures harajuku
This handle is actually Kids. Indeed, I feel like I had that hand. As expected! KID's model isLeader Bike 725TR! BROTURES riders will come to play a lot. Maybe you can meet if you are lucky.
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RyujinLeader Bike 725TR! Ryu is well taught the mystery of the world. Everyone is very kind and very good. Yes, today is BUMBRICH's anniversary!
$ Brotures harajuku
$ Brotures harajuku
[DJ] CICCIO (CHI) Macha-chin (Nitro Microphone Underground) Demi-Dope (Nitraid SB) SINGO (TEE19) Hata-K (RAM JAM) [Special Battle] DEMI-DOPE VS Hulk Yamada feat. Prof. Becquerel It's too sensitive to any thing. ' Taurine, caffeine, synthetic herbs, etc., which are included in direct imported energy drinks, which were poured into Tokyo due to the nuclear accident of the nuclear power plant and uploaded sales of small amounts (government announcements) and uploading sales. The ingredients occurred in the body, reacting again sensitively, and when I started Ichiki, my body turned green and became a monster that had a meaningless radiation. A bumbrich assistant professor Vechrel near BUMBRICH, who caught Yamada Hulk as a subject, received a donation from a nuclear power plant -related company, promoted to a professor and moved to Roppongi Hills. They used turntables for each other's self -desires, such as "Oh, safe, and safe," and "I can't do it." That said, Yokosuka's proud professionalcator, Tonburist, and the two-sword style '' DEMI-DOPE are standing up ... a fierce battle is about to start now. It may not be possible to worship again! The miracle scratch battle is definitely a crispy adult, not to the public servants in the middle of super cool biz !! [Food] Tokyo dock Limited sale of special menu '' BUMB DOC '', which is a topic hotdock shop '' TOKYO DOC ''! [SPECIAL DRINK] Bumbcocktail BUMBRICH A safe and secure USA direct import drink. Under such circumstances, we will provide direct import energy drinks inspired by Yamada Hulk as a cocktail. Please experience the real energy while getting drunk with the difference from the Japanese version. We, of course, we will go to play tonight! Ryu -san was skating = rhythm. The children now do beautiful skills, but I can't feel the rhythm, The story that I couldn't feel the music was impressive. I always sing a humming song. Let's see you later at the event! LEADER BIKE 725TR COMPLETE BIKE ROSSO CORSA ¥ 126,000 ~ Brotures Harajuku Jingumae, Shibuya -ku 4-26-31 03-6804-3115 YOKOHAMA JAHLIFE 2-1 Saito -cho, Kanagawa -ku, Yokohama 045-413-7875 Web Store Face book page
73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama MAP
12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)