I will introduce todayLeader Bikes CURE 2016 model. Unlike the previous CURE, the 2015 model had the top tube curved, whereas the 2016 model was that.KageroProduces a simple front and down feeling similar to. The frame of the downwards is also a very popular frame for existing users, and it is a frame that is easy to accelerate, as it looks cool, a town -riding geometry suitable for stop and go. Also, if you ride a fixie bike, it will be easy to do because the center of gravity that everyone longs for once is in front of the center of gravity. The color is two colors, matte black and SAX blue. Leader Bikes Cure COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 100,000- (+Tax) Color: Mattblack/Saxblue Size: XS/S/M/L/XL I've been introducing it for a long time, but I'm back as a completed car that I don't think is an entry model. Both are different from the past, and since they are released after being carefully improved, it is an entry bike that disappoints expectations. To be honest, this quality, the finished car that can embark on Leader Bikes in this price range is only a great deal from the staff !!! You can make your reservation now!!! U-KI.
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