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Good news for everyone who has a new life from this spring. It is expensive to become a bottleneck with the beginning of a new life. Moving or living in unfamiliar environments is something that expenses are high. In such a case, it is difficult to calculate the cost of spending on my hobbies ... Students, new members of society, and adults will surely have the same trouble. Therefore, in BROTURES Harajuku this time, I selected a high -quality piste bike as low as possible to support a new life. Why don't you take this opportunity to use a fixie bike as a first step in a new lifestyle? There is no doubt that your life will be even richer. Right → left SE BIKES DRAFT LITE CHROME ¥ 51,000 (EX, Tax) SE BIKES DRAFT LITE BLACK/YELLOW/GREEN ¥ 49,000 (EX, Tax) "Special Price" SE BIKES DRAFT-LITE PINK ¥ 40,000 (EX, Tax) SE BIKES LAGER CHROME ¥ 61,000 (EX, Tax) SE BIKES LAGER DARK BLUE/BLACK/WHITE ¥ 58,000 (EX, Tax) SE BIKES PRIME TIME CAMO ¥ 66,000 (EX, Tax) Draft-lite with a simple riser bar equipment with emphasis on easy riding Lager with a bullhorn custom Convenient Prime Time that can be tricks and waiting All of them are one that can run comfortably, and is perfect for commuting to school. In addition, you can apply for each model and loan, so please feel free to contact us. → Click here to make a reservation ← 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com Yusuke
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