Solo -speaking from the workplace Part 1

In April, I feel that the cold at night has become calm. This time, I started hitting the keyboard in search of freshness on Harajuku blog, which is not usually volume. Will it be more than a month ago? It was a proud car Leader Bikes Kagero But I was stolen from the storefront. Many customers have cooperated on information diffusion on SNS, but at the moment there is no clue and there is no reunion. I'm still searching, so if you see it, please let me know.。 By the way, if you are standing at the store, I often hear it"theft"but In fact, when I got down to myself, I seemed to have stolen my passion for the fix. It is the current situation that the feeling of the fixie bike has been pokan. However, a bicycle is required for commuting. 。 。 I changed my taste, changed my mood, and put my hand on the road bike. Even though it is a piste bike shop staff! I like bicycles before that. What is often said in the world"Pist lovers hate roads, load lovers hate fixes." It is one of the vehicles that I have avoided because of such an impression. However, if you ride in other genres and you can see the fun of new fixes and the quality of each, I'm wondering if I can give customers a good stimulus. The bike I chose Lapierre The full carbon frame of the French Omogo brand. Aero shape, matte black, flowing streamlined type(Leader bikes)It is a secret that I chose for that reason, I think it's a job, or a bad habit that sticks to tools from the entrance. The crank is very popular and familiar Rotor Introducing I just bought a cycle computer. I am enjoying it honestly. And the riding comfort is completely different from that of the fixie bike. The road is "overwhelmingly more severe to run than a fixie." At the moment I stepped on it, I went from the start to inertia, and the crank turned around automatically, For fixie bikes that are not necessary except to hold the handle and turn the pedal Where the crank is working hard to some extent Choose gears according to the situation, such as climbing, descending, acceleration, and deceleration. A vehicle that fights yourself who is running with gear while pedaling stoic is loaded. It was a bike that you could enjoy simply running (like a car and riding a manual car). I like it because it is a type that enjoys the manual, but it is not easy. It's a pear that you like, your favorite shoes, your favorite shoes, and flowing your neighborhood. Cycle jersey setup, dedicated shoes, helmets that seem to be fast. I looked at those who are riding the city in such a style with negative white eyes, but I could understand a little. I don't want to do that yet, but I think it's better to equip a helmet. I participated in a road bike on the glue pride the other day and ran to Yokohama. The fixes said, "It's okay to have fun on the road." From my point of view, I felt like "I think it's fun to have fun." I wrote it for a long time, If you run around the city, you like to skip with a fix. So through the "Solo -speaking from the workplace" series I'm going to set a single fix. I'm going to combine one of the ridiculous ones that I can do as a model for everyone. I'm going to introduce the parts to be selected and the reasons for choosing. I think it would be a reference or a custom stimulus. Next time, look forward to the "Steering times". 763 → Click here for questions ← 03-6804-3115 Click here for the previous "Soloplast from the Workshop"
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