Cinelli x Mash Work Street Ride Custom

Next week, the weather is likely to continue, and cherry blossoms will be kept unless the cherry blossom viewing is early! However, during the cherry blossom viewing season, it is cold at night, so let's move your body with a fixie bike! By the way, it is the appearance of a living piste bike today! ”Cinelli × Mash work"Is luxuriously assembled to the street riding specification of the street. The frame is particularly attractive! In addition, this wheel is boring. The rim is always a familiar piste bike "H PULS SON SV-42” The high -polish rim has a strong presence like a carbon wheel, and is highly popular, and is very popular! And "White Industry", which is rising rapidly, has been incorporated into the hub! Actually, the number of holes before and after this wheel is 36H. The blade spokes are used together, so it is set so that it looks thicker overall! Legendary component brands for cranksCampagnolofrom"Record PistA” The simple silhouette and the precise finish are just craftsmanship! No matter which accuracy of the chain ring, it is a super first -class product! If you are a pisto rider, you will praise the crank that you will long for at least once, and it is one that tickles the man's heart! If you customize the undercarriage so far, you will not make a sound. 。 。 Loan Shemillation (36 times) The first payment ¥ 15,944- Payment after the second time ¥ 12,900- We accept quotes, orders, loan applications, etc. by telephone and e -mail. Please feel free to contact us as you can ship to distant people! → Click here to make a reservation ← Brotures Harajuku 03-6804-3115 kiyo CINELLI × MASH WORK Frame Folk Set ¥ 140,000- (EX, Tax) Campagnolo Record Pista Track Crankset ¥ 38,000- (EX, Tax)
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