Tomorrow is my body! Do you take the thef...

Yesterday was a weekend, but I was forced to take a break. I watched Batman vs Superman, but it seems that there are pros and cons. I dare to lie down here. By the way, Superman is famous for its invincible superhuman, but has the only weakness. It is a ore called cryptonite created when the Kurepton, the hometown of Kryptonian, is exploded. This cryptonite is a fictitious ore. But when you work in a bicycle shop, it reacts a little when this comes out. Because it's in the store. Kryptonite Evolution Mini ¥ 9,500 (+Tax) "Crypto" has collapsed. do one's best. Kryptonite, a rock brand known to those who know it. This Evolution mini is the most loved rock among the many lineups around the world. It is no exaggeration to say that overseas messengers are always available. Even Superman is a name that is difficult to theft, but let me tell you.

"There is no key that cannot be stolen 100%"

Sometimes even the staff becomes the victim. However, the probability can be reduced. The stolen person is definitely bad, but I think the owner is responsible for protecting the bicycle. Tomorrow is my body. It is not another person. I don't want the sad thing to happen, so I don't want my partner to suddenly disappear with my memories, so I only sell a strong key. If you order, you can order cheap and weak keys, but I don't care much. We believe that selling the key that matches the bicycle is also a responsibility as a bicycle shop. It is sold. Instead of a light relationship, I want the bicycle to ride for a long time and share the fun. That's such a feeling. Why don't you reconsider the bicycle key again? Please feel free to contact us because we will use a lecture and how to use it. BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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