Solo -speaking from the workplace Part 2

I wondered if the cherry blossom season had entered, and the weather was jerky. 。 。 I don't like it. I want to go on a ride with a harpan on a T -shirt on a T -shirt. The second time in the series, I will tweet about "handle and stem". Last time, I introduced it as a promotion (?)For my road bike I used Ritchey carbon handles and stem. Yes, from the conclusion, carbon is recommended for bicycle steering. Looking back on the pisto life, I was wearing it for the first time. Synonymous with aluminum track drop handles"DEDA PISTA" I liked looks and I love the rider"Emi Brown"Because Dai -sensei used it I chose without hesitation, but it was a little difficult handle to learn skids with the first fix. Long skid (big skid)The lower handle gets in the way. The next one I chose was the bullhorn handle. I remember wearing a skid with an unnamed aluminum bloomer. At that time, I was riding a large frame that didn't fit my body, so The "horn part" of the bullhorn did not reach, and it was cooled only with the flat part. Then, if you enjoy the fun of the piste in a bullhorn, a shocking handle will be announced. "DEDA DABAR" Now, this handle, which reigns as a high end of the bullhorn, was the encounter with carbon parts. By incorporating carbon with the handle alone in the settings that are full of aluminum and rigid lumps. I decided to meet the word "ride comfort" in the fix. The vibration that reaches the "rattling" on the bad road has changed so that it is "pocopoco" Route 1, 15, and 246, where vibration is difficult, I wanted to taste the feeling of "pocopoco" and went to run. After meeting DABAR, the shape has changed, but it is a carbon color. "Brotures Carbon Track Drop""3T ERGONOVA CARBON ROAD""ENVE ROAD BAR COMPACT" → "Ritchey integrated type 2015" → "Ritchey integrated type 2016 (this time image)" I started choosing a road handle halfway because I felt that it was easy to ride in acceleration, cruising, and skids. Looking at Instagram, etc., the road handle will be selected for "running custom". There are many foreign riders, but if you are on both roads and fixes There may be reasons why it is easier to set up a close position with both motorcycles. By the way, on the other hand, I would like to mention "stem". This part is to connect the frame and the handle to the steering wheel the vibration from the ground. After all, if you use a carbon, the riding comfort will change completely from the aluminum stem. However, it seems that the rider's emotion is honest and scary. Myself"Too strong carbon brand ENVE" Until you meet I can't wipe my anxiety Thomson or Zipp I loved the aluminum stem. After various investigations, it was a challenge to carbon stem, but there was no problem in terms of strength. What was raised due to the damage of the stem "Damage to the screws" This isTorque managementAnd the grease -up will be solved. Another face part of the stem "break the handle clamp" There were some troubles that could be cracked on the parts that hold down the handle. Many are the combinations of parts exquisitely different, or overorque. The conclusion is that "what is not related to carbon". The weight of stem is not so large for aluminum luxury and carbon. The carbon stem is not possible to attach a deep angle for the convenience of the material, and it is served on aluminum stem. As mentioned above, carbon will be advantageous for the vibration declining "ride comfort" described above. Adjusting the distance to the steering wheel is one of the major roles of the stem. honest,Fitting machineIf not, it would be difficult to get the best stem length and angle at a time. There is no choice but to use various differences in size, and this is also the rule of thumb. However, if you consult a store, you can change the length with the surplus stem and test rides. I hope you can consult us casually. Last but not least, if the stem length and angle that is perfect for me is fixed Like in the slide image"Integrated"There are also drastic options. In addition to reducing the component parts, the strength of integrated molding can be expected. I don't think I like looks and dislikes, so I never push it. For me now, this is the best handle stem that I want to attach to the fix "Ritchey WCS Solostream Integrated Road Bar (Long)". I talked about the steering stem, but did you enjoy it? The longer the sentence, the more I will do what I want to write (lack of Japanese language skills) I'm worried about what I want to tell you. 。 。 Next time, I would like to talk about the seat post. 763 → Click here for questions ← 03-6804-3115 Click here for the previous "Soloplast from the Workshop"
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