If you are lost on a bicycle, a fixie bike!


In April, more and more people are looking for bicycles in their new life!

There are various genres of bicycles now, and some people don't know what to choose.

I want you to put "Pistbike" as an option! !

Speaking of a piste bike, some people have a negative image such as "difficult to ride".

No, that's not the case at all! !

Once you get used to it, you can ride it normally, and now the number of people riding with free gear is increasing! !

On YouTube, we talk about the fun of "fixie bike", so

Please see here first! !

Did you see it? ?

You can ride a rough like this!

of course! It is also possible to assemble with full -fledged lace specifications, so anything about custom

Please consult us! !

By the way, I would like to return to the car body and introduce the best car body to start a "fixie bike"!

First of all, it is easy to understand that you choose a "completed car"!

If you have a high budget or have the image of the body from the beginning, I think you can assemble it from the frame.

I don't know what's what it is for the first time, so I recommend a "completed car"!

As the name implies, the finished car has brakes and pedals.

You can start riding immediately!

The finished car is now on sale from various manufacturers, but I want you to ride "Leader®︎"!

Well, sometimes I am riding Leader®︎, but the quality as a completed car is

We are outstanding!

And! It is also nice to be sold as a "completed car" of all the current models of LEADER®︎! !

So, if you are thinking of buying a body from now on, please enter "Leader®︎" as an option! !

Then it is an introduction of all models of Leader®︎!

Currently, there are models and sizes that are out of stock, but we also accept reservations for the next arrival.

Please feel free to speak!

・ Leader 721TR completed car ¥ 110,000 (in tax)10,000 (in tax)
"721TR" positioned as an entry model of Leader®︎! !
Carbon fork and high quality entry model on aluminum frame!

Leader® 725TR completed car ¥ 165,000 (in tax)

The "725TR" located in the middle grade is to the seat post.
It is a carbon!
The crank is standard on Leader®︎ direct crank! !

・ LEADER®︎ 735TR completed car ¥ 203,500 (in tax)

735TR, the highest peak of Leader®︎! !
Not only aluminum frames, carbon forks, carbon seat posts
From the beginning, "Vision" direct crank is set as it is.
It is a finished car!
This thick aero frame is one and only!

And the above is the "finished car" I want to recommend! !
A test ride is also available at the Osaka store, so please feel free to come to the store!

Ayumu the daddy.

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