I want to do it realistically now.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Today's blog wanted to do my subjective custom, so please get along with it.

The custom was customized based on Leader's only chromoly frame "Angelino".

This model is characterized by a slender and crisp pashute design because it is chromoly.

The first rod is sold out quite quickly, and depending on the color, it will be a model sold out by reservation depending on the color.

What do I do with such Angelino?

Rather, I'm riding a similar frame now. And we are trying to be able to ride Kagero again soon.

For that reason, it is a custom that feels like hitting here what you want to do with your chari.

So today, I hope you can see the commitment of my custom.

First of all, the whole looks like this. The frame was black.

The composition of the parts is not particularly expensive parts.

In this custom theme, it feels like "town bra, it is fashionable."

The colors are mainly silver, green, and gold in detail.

Since the frame is black, basically it is basically a frame that is basically addicted to any color.

The wheels are wide rims and Fujimoto is recommended for Velocity Quill and Grancompe.

Because it is a wide rim, it will spread depending on when you wear thick tires, so we will use this rim next.

Moreover, it is also supported by tubeless, so it is a rim that will be a wide rim.

GRANCOMPE is an affordable and normal hub, so it is a recommended hub for those who want to use the hand assembly first.

There are various colors, so it is also recommended for those who want to play color.

It is a frame with a stretch because it can be replaced with a BORED bearing so that it can be turned further.

Now I want to use this GOODYEAR side skin and I'm skiding to crush the tires.

This tire has a thicker side brown than others, and the logo design is simple, so it is cool.

I choose 28c, which is thicker tire size because it is the purpose of riding on the city.

Even my small commitment, even the color of the valve is considered as a color.

Most tubes are silver, but some are gold. It would be fun to link it with other parts.

I link to spacer and lock ring. It's my personal commitment to say that it's a custom so far.

The area around the handle is silver and a neat atmosphere.

The 25.4 handle clamp system makes the chari smart.

It is amazing that it can be said that the thickness here will make it look like at once, or that you can get a personality even with a size alone.

Both the handle and the stem are summarized in Nitto. NITTO is really used in various customs.

It was the best custom of self -scoring as much as I would like to buy it as it is.

How was your custom as much as possible and customized?

I still know the lock ring and spacer, but I guess some people thought it was a valve (laughs).

You don't have to do that, it's a consumable anyway. But it's fun because it's fun.

Custom is self -sufficient. It was a blog that everyone wanted to enjoy like that.

Completed car: Leader Angelino Compete Bike ¥ 143,000-INTAX

Wheel: Velocity QUILL x GRANCOMPE HUB ¥ 31,350-INTAX ~

Handle: Nitto B812 Silver Bar ¥ 5,720-INTAX


Stem: Nitto MT-31 Side Clamp Stem ¥ 12,100-INTAX

Seat post: Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 12,100-INTAX

Saddle: Fabric Scoop Race SADDLE ¥ 14,300-INTAX


Tire: Goodyear Eagle F1 Tire ¥ 7,700-INTAX


1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka

1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)