735 limited to Harajuku store appears!

Of course, you have a limited edition of BROTURES Harajuku again!

One month ago.

From that day, three limited -edition cars with cracked paint on Leader 725

This time, we changed the model and prepared a limited vehicle body at 735.

By the way, the 725 crack paint I prepared last time looks like this.

This body, which is available for a total of three points, S, M, and LSIZE, was so popular that you received many inquiries after blogging!

In the overall photo, it is difficult to see it up to the fine texture of crack painting, so if you are worried about this body, this is this.blogPlease take a look.

Only here is the remaining one, so we look forward to your inquiry.

At the same time, I have derailed with the story of the last limited model, but the limited vehicle introduced today has a special specification, and this time only one limited number of units will be only one!

Click here for one body limited to such a BROTURES Harajuku store!

Leader 735 BROTURES Harajuku Limited Color LSIZE Normal completed car ¥ 330,000-tax included

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Last time, I used a new painting method called crack painting, but I made it with plating painting that is rarely done in this paint!

The 735 finished with Silver plating is one of the normal color lineups, which is much more eye -catching than matte black and gloss white.

It is a beautiful glossy finish compared to RAW colors, which are particularly popular in Angeino and Polish processing! The so beautiful luster of the frame looks like a mirror.

If you are looking for a different personality from someone, I would like you to straddle only one limited vehicle in this world.

The luxurious texture unique to the plating tone is hard to change.


Also, this time, the handle and wheels have been customized with blog specifications, so I will introduce that too!

Thomson TRAIL RISER BAR ALU ¥ 13,200-tax included

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Leader735, the fastest body of the street, is of course recommended for setting a boldly attacked drop handle,

If you are on a city -riding like, it is even more recommended to customize it with a riser bar!

When searching for a riser bar, isn't the brand that many people see?

It is a restock for products that have been in stock for about a year, so many people have been waiting.

Of course, I am one of the long -awaited.

The perfection of the parts that are cut out of the aluminum lump using the technology of CNC processing is very high, and it looks beautiful.

Among the many aluminum rizers, I think this is definitely No.1!


BROTURES T3 Carbon WHEEL Front ¥ 132,000-tax included

BROTURES SHRED88 Wheel Rear ¥ 77,000-tax included

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Once the handle is cool, it is not possible to customize the front and rear wheels!

After all, the carbon wheel of the muscle body is the best match for the 735 extreme aero tube.

The light weight and shock absorption performance unique to carbon items should be a strong ally for long -distance rides.

By becoming lighter, you can get the acceleration power that is not comparable to others.

Isn't the carbon wheel of running, good -looking, is a pisto user's longing part?


I tried to introduce the 735 of Harajuku limited to Harajuku that arrived this month!

I think Silver -like painting is a very rare paint, so if you are interested, we look forward to your inquiry.




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