Punk repair!

I have a sharp piste bike shop, but basically it's a bicycle shop, so if you are always having trouble with bicycles, as much as possible.want to help!I think a little. smile I wonder if the most common thing about bicycles is punk. You can't run with any luxury wheels with the air out of the air, and the tube is a great part for only 1000 yen. There are various standards in the tubes, and it is quite difficult to have all. Moreover, the tube used for the piste bike is generally good if it covers the French 700x18-28C, so it is enough if you have a few types of shops. But if you do so, for example, it will be a US MTB, a BMX, an English valve cloth, or "I don't have a tube." We are responding by order, but it would be a problem if there was a period that could not be used. Even if you introduce a nearby bicycle shop, it is a little painful because it is a 20 -minute walk or a bicycle. I was lonely that I couldn't meet my expectations just because I didn't have anything. Somehow, I want to stop that. I have a variety of tubes. Isn't Panaracer like a bicycle shop in the city! With this, you can also fix a college student's commuting cross and a dad's commuting MTB. Punk repair! I would be happy if you could rely on it. I'm taking care of this white music town, and if there is no landlord Kito, maybe you didn't ride Leader Bike or Dosnoventa? I may not have eaten rice either. smile It may be a bit too much, but I would like to help us as possible for this city, which has been taking care of it for many years. I want to be a reliable brother in downtown rather than the charisma in the city. I also have a long title for the bicycle safety mechanic. Reduction reduction. It is spring of helping people (Black). Please rely on it if you are in trouble near you! Junki yokohama@brotures.com 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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