Staff recommend Item "Polish"

Polish is so carefully finished that it will be sucked in when you look at it Unlike silver products, this Polish was polished with a harder individual. Representative "PHILWOOD" products are born manually, and are born with polishing → coloring → polishing, and the hassle of overturning the common sense so far. It is the same for Sugino products. SUPER 75, a masterpiece, is a gem that only the skilled staff of SUGINO is allowed to touch and spared time. It is already cheap to see as parts, and its beauty is like an area of ​​art. I personally graduated from a technical high school, so it was natural that lathes, milling, buffs and file were placed beside everyday. Because of such a background, this Polish product has no eyes. smile So today we introduce some recommended Polish Item. A carbo night bearing version hub that BROTURES is bespoke to PHILWOOD. Compared to normal bearings, Carbo Knight achieves a tremendous rotation performance even if you use it on the day you buy it. Is it a durable normal bearing or a carbo night bearing for decisive battles? And the hub of White Industries. This is an item that I also got personally. The tough and flashy dress like Made in USA is an American Muscle Casa. In particular, the flange is larger than the normal large flange, so it is possible to finish a stronger wheel. Next is EURO-ASIA SUPERSTAR, is this no longer needed? First of all, if you want to improve the running comfort. The unusual noise is reduced by the hardness that can withstand the dynamic unavoidable piste bike and the smooth teeth that have completely eliminated waste. It can be said that it is a must -have item for custom bikes. There are plenty of other parts, so please take a look. We can purchase by mail order, so we are waiting for your inquiry. L → R PHILWOOD × BROTURES TRACK HUB ¥ 26,000 (EX, Tax) White Industries Track Hub ¥ 32,800 (EX, Tax) EURO-ASIA SUPERSTAR COG Each size ¥ 11,000 (EX, Tax) Paul Track Crank ¥ 37,000 (EX, Tax) SUGINO SUPER75 CRANK ¥ 69,000 (EX, Tax) → Click here for inquiries ← 03-6804-3115 Yusuke
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