Leader Bikes Kagero W/Brotures T4 Custom ...

Soon sold out Leader Bikes High -end line "Kagero" This frame, born in a collaboration with Pedal Consumption, boasts outstanding popularity in the lineup. As the top of the current Leader Bikes, both name and reality reign. Mithrill silver, a new color of Kagero, is likely to be sold out as soon as possible. This time, "I want to put a baton! But I want to reduce the price! I want to customize only the necessary parts." It is one of the themes assembled with such a theme. If you add a baton wheel to customize it, the amount will rise immediately, but I want to put it in the rabbit! Don't hesitate to choose such people at the beginning. If you customize it at the beginning, you can customize a wheel of $ 100,000 with a normal wheel amount of $ 16,000 and usually $ 100,000. And the other parts are only undercarriage for the time being as much as possible. This is the smartest custom. SRAM OMNIUM x HKK Vertex Chain × EURO-ASIA and iron plate combination, there is no problem with running performance. If you are going to assemble Kagero from now on, please refer to it. Please consult us, contact us, and order from the following. → Click here to order ← 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com Leader Bikes Kagero Framest ¥ 98,000 (EX, Tax) Yusuke
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