Solo -speaking from the workplace Part 3

Yesterday, the Kanto has rained to inform you of the end of the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms that fill the rivers, moats and alleys after scatteringIt seems that you can drink more and more alcohol. By the way, this time is a seat post. It is the same part, although it is called a seat pillar. There is a little bit of a saddle, so don't be bad. The custom under the buttocks is the more effective person who likes to run. The bicycle tilts to the left if you step on the left, to the left, and to the right. Follow the point of contact with the ground and move forward while sloppy. "Rowing" is the most felt of the left and right behavior of the body. The farthest part of the lily is the saddle, and the next is the seat post. metronomeIt's easy to understand if you think about it, The heavier the weight, the stronger the shaking grows. Subjects without loss are Because it is to proceed vertically without blurring on the ground If you swing to the left and right, you are consuming unnecessary movements and wasted power. One of the purposes of the post is to make an effort to minimize the loss. Also, what is being treated unexpectedly"Seat post offset"is. It is a bad idea to be part of the size, such as the distance from the handle and easy to ride. Adjusting the saddle and handle position is the job of Stem. The offset value is an important number that determines the positional relationship between the saddle and the crank. "Offset + saddle clamp position = saddle position to crank" I will decide. Extreme story, How to set the saddle to the front with an offset 0mmThe waist is in and is closer to standing. When the saddle is set at the end of 25mm offset, the waist escapes and the posture leans forward.You will be in a state where you can take a wide pocket (Generally, the seat post offset is 0mm or 25mm, and of course there are various things) If you are close to rowing, you can pedal with weight, but it is not suitable for high rotation. If you can afford your pockets, your legs will be easier to turn, making it easier to run with rotation than power. There is a strict decision method for the saddle position decision, If you do not illustrate it with a whiteboard, please omit it because you are not confident that you can express it. The same can be said at the seat angle of the frame, In general, road bikes are shallow and easy to maintain rotation. In the case of a piste bike, that is an angle and the pedaling power is emphasized. 。 。 。 It's really difficult to explain in letters. If you ask a question at the store, we will talk about the gesture up to three times a day, so if you are worried, please come. After talking about that, the parts I chose for my own this time "ENVE Seat Post Offset 0mm" I personally think that it is one end point in the seat post. Please remember"ENVE"is. In this brand, I like it too much, and I put a decal on my PC. Only ENVE cannot be yielded. The keyword is "too strong carbon brand" I would like to talk again when that time comes. How was the seat post? Since the content is close, I would like to go with the saddle next time. looking forward to. 763 → Click here for questions ← 03-6804-3115 Click here for the previous "Soloplast from the Workshop"
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