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Hello! It seems that the bad weather has passed, and I'm really looking forward to the glue pride on Sunday! However, I am really sorry that there have been many changes over and over again. I think it will definitely be a fun event, so we look forward to your participation! ! By the way, one week has passed in April, and many people have started a new life during that time, right? There are many expectations, and on the other hand, I think there are many anxiety. I'm a high school graduate and I got a job, so I understand that feeling! But now, everything was fresh and fun. ! After all, if you do something new, humans will create a sense of fulfillment, so I feel that there are many challenges! However, it's hard to start a new thing, isn't it? A simple story is "money", but you need "time". I've been thinking that surfing is absolutely good, but first of all, it's a distant story for me who is not good at morning ... The snowboard is also used, and the fun "play" and "hobbies" are rolling around everywhere, but the ass is heavy anyway ... My "play", which is still going on, is a pretty indoor "play", such as track makeup at home or sometimes DJed somewhere. This is an unhealthy! So there were times when I was running and muscle training, but it's white for a few months. However, there are outdoor "hobbies" and "play" that are still going on. that is"Piste bike"That's why! !! First of all, I use a fixie bike for commuting, so I don't feel like I'm continuing! ! Why can you enjoy your "hobbies" from the beginning of the day? That's why I have joined the "healthy bad boy". So, after all, among the piste bikes "Leaderbikes"of"735TR"Is a unique form, and it has a cool form for Kaneda bike! Moreover, the price is also reduced now! ! In addition, there is a privilege that the fork part comes with the fork part from the beginning! ! There is no way to miss this! ! … Even if you say, the remaining number is decreasing… So it's really first come, first served! ! LEADER BIKES 735TR Custom Custom COMPLETE BIKE W/ I806TR Full Carbon FORK SPECIAL PRICE ¥ 170,000 (+tax) After all, you want to ride a man, a vehicle, a cool one! ! Of course, you can decide the parts from scratch, and you can even paint! ! As you can see in the photo, you can paint as you want, such as painting like a glare, and you are attracted to your own! ? Imagine going to work with your stuff on your car! There is no doubt that every day will be fun! ! If you live in the same life, it will be more fun to choose the one that has a change and fun! ! (It's too much) That's what I say myself, but I'm sure I'm a heavy butt! ! ! I hope that many people share this interesting culture! It's not easy to shop in a price, but you'll be a partner who will accompany you for 10 years and 20 years! Don't throw it away if it breaks, like a mamachari. From now on, isn't it important to keep riding good things for a long time? ? of course"SplitYou can also purchase! The simulation is as follows! 12 payments Installation payment fee 4,641 yen Total payment payment 174,641 yen 1st payment amount 15,141 yen x 1 time Payment amount from the second time 14,500 yen x 11 times If you don't know anything, please feel free to call or email. BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email: It has been long, but at the end we will insert and tighten the ending song. It's a yaku that makes me cry for some reason. Let's do it. good bye. good bye. Mazda
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