Leader Bikes history and trajectory

Hello! Well, today is the best training day. The triangular muscles are bread bread in the training of the adult shoulder! ! In particular, my shoulders are my favorite part, so I will touch them to those who come to the store. If you leave it as it is, it will be just a muscular blog, not a chari, so the aside is over. Today,Leader BikesIt's easy about Leader because of what kind of brand it is! ! Regardless of what kind of thing you buy, it's very important to know the background of the brand. I think that knowing what kind of brand you want is more and more important if you have it. myself,Leader Bikes 735TRI was riding, but when I bought it, I didn't know what brand it was because it was almost like I bought it. However, in writing this blog, the 735TR, my favorite car, became more and more lovable! ! The introduction has become longer, but I will introduce Leader Bikes from here. Leader was born in San Diego, USA in 1999. The brand concept is "how fast and cool on the street" is turned around if you see that thick aerof lame in the city. Since 2007, it has become the No. 1 share of the world as a piston brand, and is the original member of the legendary piste crew Mash in San Francisco. EMI Brown and Massn were riding on Leader. Even in Japan, there are influential people on streets such as Yamamoto KID, Yosuke Kubozuka, AKLO, and Ryuto! Moreover, Leader is participating not only on the street but also in the race! The Leader Bikes USA Team participates in Red Hook Crit, a criterium race tournament held around the world, and has surely achieve results. Leader's high -end model was used in the raceRenovatio! ! Normally, the model used by professional players in other sports is released as a signature model, but it is different from what was actually used. However, the interesting part of the bicycle is that you can use exactly the same thing as professional players! ! Because it is used by a professional, the quality is good! I think this is the case if you ride next! And Leader is also particular about the frame, and all frame designs are made in Leader original. Designed to be 28mm in all sizes, unlike road bikes, by raising the angle of the seat tube and head tube, the rowing acceleration, short -range, and speed at mid -range seeking speed. Designed frame. Of course, the ride is the best because you are conscious of street ride. The answer that Leader Bike arrived, as a result of how fast and cool the street was pursued. As Yamamoto Kid also said, the matte black, extremely thick frame tickle the man's heart! No, it's too tickling! you alsoLeader BikesRide to the city! There is no doubt that it will be a buddy that comes with you anywhere! I started custom a bit, but I started custom. It is also a good thing about a fixie bike that all parts can be turned into what you want! ! I think Leader's body is easy to get your own personality! ! Please take this opportunity to see the real thing at the store! Test rides are also available so you can experience it! We'll be expecting you. Kammy BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email: kichijoji@broRes.com
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