By the way, since it was only finished cars here, sometimes I have to introduce parts! That's why. New corner! 4Lowz Spot Light Item! The memorable first is "T19 x SDG BEL-AIR"
USA brand SDG. BEL-AIR may often see MTB.
Even if you fall on the side, it will not break! I have a sense of security :) The sitting comfort is soft, but it is firm and comfortable.
There is also a burger tank! The SDG that produces only the sheet is Until a few years ago, it was in the United States, but now it is Taiwanese production and it is for complete cars.
This time, we reprinted the US -made logo with T19 bespoke.
The position of the side cutting stitch is also the specifications at that time! The color is also very beautiful♪ T19 is so cool for me in the first place, I think it's a brand with humor. T19 is a gathering of cool people carrying TOKYO SKATE. In the acronym T of TOKYO, what is the initial of Skate in the alphabet? To be honest, I'm worried about whether I can wear something lol It was cool, so I bought it this term, but lol Something has disappeared! Derailment after a long absence! ! smile But it's fun ^^ Please check it out at the store! T19 × SDG BEL-AIR ¥ 9,870 [VSW ID = "Clzan8LXZQA" Source = "YouTube" Width = "425" Height = "344" Autoplay = "No"] There is such T19 SHOP in Yoyogi! Please drop in when you come to Harajuku with a fix! I will stay longer in a comfortable space ... EAZE That's not! 4Low
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