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Hello! The weather is nice today ~ It's even more warm! ! It would have been a glue pride day! ! But I was a store number, so I was writing a blog ... I can't go, but it's good to ride a bicycle during the daytime on Sunday ~ There is no traffic jam, it is not frustrating, it is a moderate exercise and it feels good! ! The travel time is faster for bicycles. ! Many people know the comfort and fun of bicycles, and I hope that more people are riding bicycles. So, today, as a way of enjoying a bicycle, not only "running" but also the fun of "custom"! I think. Among all bicycles, "1:Piste bikeIs a simple structure, so anyone can experience the fun of "custom" without hesitation. Also, by doing "custom", the bicycle itself is born, such as the form as you want and improving the functionality. I have more attachment to my bicycle more than now, and there are plenty of elements that will be fun even if you are riding! ! that's why,"2:Piste bikeI recommend you to customize it! ! However, even if you say that we recommend custom, I think there are some people who should customize it. Handles, cranks, wheels ... Simple structure3:Piste bike"There are many parts and it is difficult. Depending on the custom location, the wage costs a lot of money ... there! ! Even if you are a first -time person, we will easily give you individuality and introduce the custom part that comes out at a low price! It wraps around the handle, "Bar tape"is! ! ! ! If you do not wrap it and do not wind it, there will be a big difference in grip, and it will also reduce the fatigue on your arms, so your comfort will increase dramatically! And since we have abundant colors, it is good to give your personality with your favorite color! ! The price is about ¥ 1,000 for cheap goods. Leather, etc.Luxury goodsIt will be about ¥ 10,000. One of the reasons for recommended as the first custom is that the wage is ¥ 1,000- and is relatively inexpensive! ! Fizi: K Bar Tape Super Lite Classic ¥ 1,980- (+Tax) Fizi: K Bar Tape Perfomance Classic/Softtouch ¥ 2,100- (+Tax) Currently, KICHIJOJI mainly stocks the above bar tape of Fizik from color variations, quality, and price. Recently, there are many bar tape replacements, so there are missing colors, but you can order colors that are not at stores, so please feel free to tell us! I want to do it myself! ! If there is a person, I will lecture so please say that too! Of course, there is no wage ~ Custom is nothing better than what you can do! Regarding bar tape replacement, wouldn't it be relatively easy for those who were playing baseball or tennis? ? There is a little trick, but it is almost the same as the grip replacement of the bat and racket! ! Please try it! BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email: kichijoji@broRes.com
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