Ground self RIDE !!

Well, yesterday was a great day. Finally, a glue pride has been created under the pleasant spring -like sky! The destination this time is the Ground Self -Defense Force's Nerima Garrison. Because it was the workplace of Mr. T, a regular, he went on a chari to participate in the commemorative event. I was able to run comfortably along the way, but the event was more fun and excited! I wanted to buy various goods, but why did I only have 2,000 yen? I was worried about my worries, and I bought an ASDF emblem at the Ground Garrison and returned. In addition, I was very satisfied with the SDF, which I couldn't usually see, such as witnessing a tank that actually runs up close, or seeing a march. I wanted to see a motorcycle drill. Take a picture as usualFacebook albumUploaded to. And after all, the memory card is not good and there are no photos of the essential events left. 。 I have to buy something new. Seriously Gaddem! Kageaki took a group photo and a movie, so I will upload it as soon as it can be edited! Thank you to everyone who participated in this ride. Please join us for the next glue pride! PS. T was inspired to wear a panda costume, not a uniform or a camouflage uniform.
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