The "Continental Tire" series is available!

Hello! Thank you to everyone who participated in the glue pride yesterday! This time, I went to see a parade of the SDF at the Nerima Garrison, but I found a SDF member of the same surname. I was so excited that I called a voice. It's embarrassing now ... Of course, the tank was the best. I never get tired of watching that caterpillar. Armored vehicles, tanks, and SDF members can see that they seem to be strong just by looking at them ... cool! ! The Continentals introduced this time are also tough from the package, and it is transmitted. Well, two people who seem to be very strong from the package are staring at this with a grinning face ... The moment I stared at each other, I was overwhelmed. Moreover, there are several patterns, so please check it at the store! ! I don't know what kind of manufacturer it is, so I will introduce it! "Continental" is a long -established German tire manufacturer with over 100 years of history. It has been producing high -performance tires for bicycle in Germany since its founding in 1871, and its high performance has been proven every year in Tour de France and Giroditaria. In addition, Continental uses its own technology to produce tires. I will introduce you to what kind of technology! ! ■ Black Chili Compound (Black Chili Compound) Normally, tire bars are contained different materials such as silica and carbon particles. The composition varies greatly depending on the brand. The size of the carbon particles used in the black chili compound is used, which is only one -tenth size of the normal size. By using this, the rubber material originally has the suppleness and flexibility, greatly reducing grip and frictional resistance. ■ VECTRAN BREAKER A chemical fiber "vector run" that is even harder than a Kevler used in bulletproof checks, has a strong strength of about five times as high as iron, and has excellent characteristics of lightweight! ! I use this vector run for high performance road tires. ■ Dura Skin (Duraskin) By joining a polyamide fiber that is resistant to the thread on the tire side, it reduces the damage that tires will suddenly receive due to uneven ground. ■ Super Sonic (Super Sonic) Unlike the tread thickness used in the normal model, it has the minimum necessary tread thickness so that you can run with the best performance for racing. ■ TPS (tire positioning system) The front tires and rear tires have different sizes, compound strength tread cross -sectional shapes. ■ Poly X Breaker This is a puncture seat using polyurethane material that is rich in flexibility and has little hardness change due to temperature change. It has been used for tires for four -wheeled vehicles for many years. I continue to produce tires using various technologies like this! ! The tires themselves also have different features, so I will introduce them a little. ■ GATORSKIN ¥ 5,500 (+tax) Poly X Breaker/Dura Skin For those who enjoy skids and those who do long rides, the Getter Skin is the best! ! Getter skin, which is popular as a skid tire, is characteristic because it uses Duraskin. Although it specializes in puncture resistance, it has perfect driving and lightweight! It is a highly recommended product for the burden rear tires. ■ GRAND PRIX 4000s Ⅱ ¥ 7,000 (+Tax) BLACK CHILI COMPOUND/VECTRAN BREAKER The 4000S has gained popularity as one of the three giants of the three clinchers alongside Michelin PRO4 and Schwarba Altremo. It has excellent punk and driving resistance, and realizes high driving, regardless of whether it is rainy or sunny. In addition, it is a soft ride because it has excellent cushioning. ■ GRAND PRIX ¥ 5,100 (+tax) BLACK CHILI COMPOUND/POLY X BREAKER The tires are outstanding with low rolling resistance and high cushioning, but the tread life has a long characteristics. It is also recommended for long -distance rides because the weight is light! ■ GRAND PRIX 4-season ¥ 7,400 (+tax) Dura Skin/VectRan Breaker The use of two strong vector -run breakers with one piece, and the puncture performance is a first -class product! ! Moreover, not only puncture resistance but also driving performance is outstanding, and it is a tire that supports all -round. ■ GP Attack ¥ 7,900 (+Tax) TPS/BLACK CHILI COMPOUND/VECTRAN BREAKER Attack & Force series front tire "Attack"! ! The attack uses a slender size of 22c, which has a tread shape that can control the motorcycle at will, minimizing the air resistance received from the front. Although it has become a little longer, the above tires have arrived at Kichijoji store! ! Tires are essential parts to improve the driving performance of bicycles. I myself have a gator skin in the rear tire, but I can feel both the punk resistance and the length of the life! Please ask a question at the store for details. Of course, you can also contact us by phone or email. We'll be expecting you. BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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