Ideal for city riding! 725TR light custom!

The body that I customized today is Leader Bikes "725TR" Leader Bikes has become a representative frame, and its impressive form has attracted many riders in Japan and overseas. "Further high -end model"735TR"It is weaker than the impact than it is, but it has a wide custom width! This custom is ""budgetWas set up and thought about embarking on reality. And I'm worriedbudget"teeth¥180,000-is. At first, there is no wage, and you can do custom without hesitation! Let's take a look! ! The handle is narrow, and the rise is high, so DEDA is quite active in the city riding.Street-issimoIs attached. The stem is equipped with lightweight, rigidity, cospa, and RITCHEY COMP 4AXIS, which has three beats. This combination matches the color and is ◎. And on the saddle, SELLE ITALIATurbo1980Is attached. For the frame made from the latest technology, put an old -school saddle and look different from people. The point is that you brown instead of black! ! In addition, the tires are Michelin with a wide variety of color variations.Dynamic SportsInstall. Regarding the color change of the tire, it is recommended because there is no price change! ! Leader Bikes "725tr" Custom Bike ¥182,174- I have over ¥ 2,000 for the budget ... I'm sorry! ! However, this price is "Pedal & strap"Is included! moreover! ""Light x 2 (front, later)"and"rock"Is also included! ! So you can continue riding at this price only! ! However, unfortunately, "725TR" has finally seen the bottom of the stock ... That should be it. That's a special sale of New Year, that "that"735TR""725TR"There are times when the price is easy to purchase ... Furthermore, the fork part is a full carbon.I806tr"The initial installation is to be installed. If there is no campaign and the same custom is done at the original price¥229,694-It will be the price. You know how much it is now! ! If you miss this chance, you may regret ... So now is the real last chance! ! I contacted me early !! Depending on the size and color, there is a missing item, but I hope you can check it by phone or email first! ! If it's an email, "QuoteIt is also possible to give it, and "SplitYou can also apply! ! The division simulation of the custom car body mentioned earlier is described, so it is for reference! Remaining money 182,174 yen 12 payments 5 % of real annual rate Interfeit payment fee 4,973 yen A total of installment payments 187,147 yen 1st payment amount 16,647 yen x 1 time Payment from the second time 15,500 yen x 11 times By email"Wanted vehicle body」「Custom image」「budget」「height"And if you send it to the email address below, it will proceed smoothly. This is a real last chance! We'll be expecting you! ! Mazda BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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