Where is the most natural city of the piste bike? new york? Is it Tokyo? However, the place where the world's fixes riding the most reminiscent is probably San Francisco. Because there are "they" over there.
Speaking of the West Coast, relaxing in nature, a lifestyle with a missing atmosphere has come to be longed for Japan beyond the sea. Take the waves, prepare with yoga, and put the city with a fixie bike. I tend to imagine people who live a slow life at their own pace. For hard worker Japanese, "ants and grasshoppers" are exactly. Certainly, the Japanese are diligent, and the expression Arinko, which works hard, comes perfectly. So who live on the West Coast? If you take a step in, it is the highest price in the United States, and it is hard to imagine that it is easy to live in considering the average rent. You can imagine that they are not grasshoppy. Of course, the environment where we live with is different. It is difficult to get on the wave by bicycle, and the climate is completely different. I can't live a similar life. But I think that the decisive difference is the motivation for life. While doing a good job, you can stay natural. They surely know what they go to work and play. Are we too far away from work and play? Both work and play are in my life circle. Rather than ending the west coast style as a market created by the media, Furthermore, having the value of continuing to be more realistic and timeless. Arinko, which views the balance of margin and spacious as deposits and equal, has a state where you can never reach. I knew the bicycle know -howCinelli。 Mash is an elite who is active in San Francisco beyond the street, and is now a worldwide athlete. The piste bike, which should have been a core genre, quickly scattered around the world. But they are not transient and are not diluted. Produced by Mash, who is familiar with the west coast streetHistograph。 It continues to adopt a high -quality material as well as a chic design that naturally blends into everyday life. It will never lose its quality, even if the production can not catch up without catching up. Work = not only making money, but also a glimpse of the high desire for life itself. It can be said that it is a frame that correctly embodies them, which are directly linked to working and life. If you think so, it's not easy to get out, but is it only me who doesn't think it's expensive? CINELLI × MASH HISTOGRAM Frame Set ¥ 140,000 (+tax) CINELLI × MASH HISTOGRAM BASIC COMPLETE ¥ 235,000 (+tax) It is good to commute to Fujimizaka by skid, or chase Koshu Kaido with the moped Oji. At noon, let's buy the delicious sandwich you found during this time. Whatever you do, it is in your time. I guess they tell me that the break time is there, both during or at work. TOSHI BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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