"SHRED88 & T3" Custom Bikes.

Today we introduce the custom completed car that has been uploaded so far. Among themBroturesOnly the custom bike with the original wheel "SHRED88" and "T3" is focused. If you want to improve the atmosphere of the body, those who want to increase the speed, or want to improve the ride, please refer to the custom reference. BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL ¥ 55,000- (+Tax) ~ BROTURES T3 Carbon WHEEL ¥ 90,000- (+tax) ~ * Included parts are required. (Carbon shoe/extender) These two pointsBrotures ProductIt is a very popular wheel in terms of design, cost, and accuracy. In the United States, the BROTURES original wheels, which have been carefully repeated in the United States, are unlikely to worry about strength. I also customize the SHRED88, but it doesn't break even if I fall down many times. The SHRED88 is the finest carbon wheel that realizes both the original silhouette, durability and lightness by reducing the rim height and further thickening the width. Stateful carbon material for wheel material. It is a lightweight material that is very excellent in aerodynamic performance, vibration decrease, and rigidity contrast ratio. The carbon material is said to be one -quarter of the carbon material, and is 10 times the strength. In addition, as there is a rim high, the spokes are shorter, and the spokes that occur during rotation that create most of the air resistance of the wheels can significantly reduce the spoke turbulence, which succeeded in reducing air resistance than aluminum wheels. Of course, there is a reason to increase the ground area and take the rim high, of course, and the wind that comes when you run a straight line begins to break the wind as the wind cuts the wind. It is regarded as aerodynamic resistance, reduces the spoke length in the first place, and eliminates resistance by receiving the wind in the flat part of the rim. The change when installed is a wheel form that pursues the fastest street on the streets. The T3 design itself is performed in Japan and adopts a unique design that is not found in the industry. If you want to install three batons but are budgeted, it will be a baton wheel for middle -end users who emphasize cost performance. The wheels are twice the driving speed, and if they are running at 50 km/h, the aerodynamics of the wheel are equivalent to 100 km/h. The major advantage of baton wheels is that there are few spokes, and the more wheel spokes that cut the air at twice the running speed, the more air resistance increases. In the case of baton wheels, the higher the rim height, the higher the aerodynamics and the higher the strength of the rim itself. Furthermore, the less spokes, so the presence of the air while driving will be significantly reduced, so the air resistance will decrease, the gyro effect will be created in the direction of travel, and in the extreme speaking, the tailwind is the wheel itself. It is made to be created. Perfect for speeding up !!! The BROTURES original wheel is not just in terms of appearance. If you want to pursue coolness, I would like you to customize the original wheel. Then we are accepting reservations. U-KI.
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