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The title is one frame at John Cardiel's Chrome JAPAN TOUR Always run freely while always finding the best line without being tied up. The only important thing is in front of you. In our case, we often eloquently speak the charm of fixie bikes with "creativity" and "visuals", but we were reconfirmed that the origin was this word. From a lazy morning to walk to the station while dragging his heavy legs, a healthy piste bike that is too light and free, and still more healthy than any means of commuting. I want everyone to walk in such a lifestyle, so I am standing at the store. And from today to the 17th (Sunday), Leader Bikes entry model 721TR / CURE is sold as a vehicle on the same day. You can buy it at that time, you can ride it, it will be a turning point to change your life from next week. We also accept purchases and e -mails, so please feel free to contact us. Leader Bikes 721TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 100,000 (EX, Tax) Leader Bikes Cure COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 100,000 (EX, Tax) If you pay 12 times ... Monthly ¥ 9,400 → Click here to order ← 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com Yusuke
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