Leader Bikes 725TR Scratch Polish Only on...

It's a big news that wakes up from noon. Leader Bikes 725TR Scratch Polish, which should have been sold out, can be sold only one by customer cancellation. Many people should have dropped their shoulders when they disappeared. Limited color 725TR that is carefully polished and has a unique glow of aluminum The popularity of the staff was so popular that this frame, which was sold as a spot as a spot, quickly disappeared. I personally like this looks like this.
The wheels are stylish and custom with the drop bar without claiming the wheels. The components are thomson and are perfect for both lightness and strength. Complete purchases are available from $ 140,000. Please feel free to contact us as you can order and apply for a loan by phone or e -mail. In the case of loan 12 times First time ... ¥ 13,427 After that ... ¥ 12,900 → Click here for order/inquiry ← 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com Yusuke
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