Solo -speaking from the workshop Part 5

"The most efficient animal on the earth is condor, and the most inefficient animal is human. But if a human rides a bicycle, it will be the most efficient animal. " (From the movie "Steve Jobs") He is familiar with an apple markSaid the computer "BICYCLE for the Mind" Humans, an animal with inefficient mobile, become the most efficient animal by riding a bicycle. A word that describes a computer for humans is a bicycle to expand intelligence. I would like to talk about such a bicycle today. today'sThe theme is "hub" This word is used in vehicles other than bicycles and used in the sense other than parts. How to use a network hub, a transportation route or a route hub. It refers to important parts, such as the concentration of things, important points, center, and base points. It is an important part in charge of rotation of the wheel, which is one of the few rotating parts in the fix. If you roughly divide the types, The flange type is "Large flange / small flange" The bearing type is "Shield bearing / ball bearing" Will it be four kinds of this? Let's look at these four types of features. "Large flange" The mainstream for the current truck. While the rigidity of the wheel is high, it is heavy because the flange is large. A bicycle racing NJS standard that focuses on strength, such as rotation rigidity and horizontal rigidity rather than weight is also adopted. "Small flange" The mainstream for old trucks. The wheel rigidity is low, but the smaller the hub, the lighter. On roads that can earn rigidity in other parts such as spokes and rims, it is often available for front desks. "Shield bearing" Bearing is a "seal" as a unit, and it is the mainstream that is hard to mix garbage and foreign matter. High durability. I often use industrial bearings instead of bicycles, High versatile parts because the unit can be replaced. "ball bearing" Basics of bearing. Since it is not a shield, regular maintenance is required. The adjustment is high in bicycles because the adjustment can be taken to the state of "rattling and no gori". Campagnolo and Shimano have a strong commitment to ball bearings. Is it like this? I think the pole that contradicts the hub is rotational and durable. The hubs that turn around are short -lived, If you sacrifice rotation, you may be able to make a lifetime hub. Yes, there is actually, a lifetime thing. I think many people know"PHILWOOD" "Our hubs have the strength to be used for a lifetime," said the vice president who came to Japan the other day. The standard hub is a model that sacrifices rotation at the expense of durability. Bearing"NSK (Nippon Seiko)"Originally adjusted for bicycle bicycles. There is no gap there, so you can pack your grease in Patsun Patsun, so you will not turn around. It is often said that "PHILWOOD hubs are raised" It is said that grease familiarity and bearing hit. Another reason is that it is said to be a lifetime thing He said that there was also a high durability of bearing exchange. Honestly, the hub body has not been able to withstand pressure over and over again. normally. If you stick to the durability of such a place, the hub will be heavy, If you want to replace the bearings so much, buy a whole. normally. It is a Philwood that overturns the normal. If you get an expensive hub, you want to be a part that will satisfy you with peace of mind for a lifetime. Such a wish is put in, and I will endure the bearing exchange as many times as I want. (Of course, only if it is "correctly" and detached) For those who want rotation, the option of "carbo night bearing" is also available. PHILWOOD is prepared. That's all. However, it is a little weak in PHILWOOD as an answer to a high rotational hub. The answer was on the recent Harajuku blog. "Mavic Open Pro X Dura-Ace" "GANWELL CARBON X DURA-ACE" Yes, "SHIMANO DURA-ACE" turns well. This is a ball bearing while PHILWOOD is a shield bearing. I want you to use it once. The weakness of domestic SHIMANO is that the design is a bit too cool, From the start to the speed maintenance, go around without hesitation. I misunderstand that I was faster, I felt that the gear ratio had changed, We have various reactions depending on the person, but we have never met people who have become sullen. It is only 36 holes, but it is an NJS certified part, so it is endorsed by bicycle racing players. If you get lost in the selection of hand -assembled wheels and hubs First, consider what rotation you want. If it is durable, "PHILWOOD" For rotation, "Dura-Ace" Please remember. Well, I'm always going to forget It is a part of the parts that can be put into your own pist This time, I will make it a "secret". When it's time to introduce you, I would like to brag about my heart, so please look forward to it. By the way, this series seems to be longer with each time the times. Next time, I would like to talk about the rim. It's a time of "too strong guy". I will do my best next time, so thank you. 763 → Click here for inquiries ← 03-6804-3115 Click here for the previous "Soloplast from the Workshop"
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