LINE UP !!! Fabric Saddle's.

Very popular, "fabric"The saddle of" all colors are restocked. Now, when assembling a custom -finished car, most of them are more popular as they customize this saddle. I would like to introduce the secret today. Fabric is a new brand born in the UK in 2014. Fabric has created products that are hand -working with outside the bicycle industry to pursue unparalleled comfort and performance in the saddle, and was born from there.Radius/Shallow/Flat/LINE/CellThere are five kinds of saddles. From there, you can choose the saddle that suits you. Today, I would like to release all colors in the Osaka store, including those five types. Cell ¥ 9,500- (+tax) This saddle, which is made of the same technology as the sneaker brand, has its own air spring technology distributed over the whole saddle, allowing you to experience a comfortable ride all day. The saddle has its own cell (HEX-AIR), and the cell is transformed individually to keep the maximum comfort. The comfort continues until the life of the saddle itself is exhausted. This saddle has a very distinctive design and I think that the taste will be different, but please touch it because it will make you feel comfortable sitting just by touching it. Be sure to fit your ass !!!!! LINE ¥ 8,500- (+tax) This saddle supports the sciatic bone with a pad and has a groove called the relief channel in the center, greatly reducing pressure on the vulva artery, and keeps comfort and functionality even after running long distances. Give me. If you have a feeling of pressure, numbness or discomfort in the vulva while riding, try using this saddle. Personally, if you don't have the groove of this relief channel, you will not be calm and your ass will hurt. The design is also sporty and cool !!! SCOOP ¥ 8,500- (+tax) Finally, this kind of SCOOP is the one that fits all riders. Isn't it the most popular among the many Saddles of Fabric? From the rider's riding position, the type of coloring, and the basic performance, you can have the best saddle choose. Unlike other types of saddles, this SCOOP has three types of forms in SCOOP. There is Radius/Shallow/Flat, and the type of choice is different depending on whether the posture when riding a bicycle is leaning forward or the condition is occurring. And the good parts of Fabric are not only functional and comfortable, but also have a lot of colors and easy to incorporate them into custom cars, which have high cost performance. Fabric saddles can be customized for less than 10,000 yen, so you can easily change them. The fabric saddle is really the one who really suits your ass shape, and it has a ride that fits naturally. I often hear voices that most of the people used have no pain. If you are worried about the saddle when customizing, why not use it!? U-KI.
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