How I Roll X T19 Bikes "Minium" Track Bike

The end of the reception deadline for the collaboration pist frame between the T19 and How I Roll that we introduced the other day is approaching! If you miss this opportunity, you will definitely not get it. A collaboration motorcycle between T19 and How I Roll, who is familiar with street culture and drives the Tokyo scene. The 24 -inch BMX, which had been sold until last year, has been in the last four years last year, and this year has been suspended. In 2016, T19 released a fixie bike for the first time in six years in a collaboration with How I Roll. This motorcycle and looks are adorable, but the contents are different. A skateboard -like feeling that turns by weight shift into a fixie bike. It looks like a beach cruiser, but the basic design is tight and quick like a truck racer. A geometry that gives you more sense of a human car than a motorcycle designed with streets. And the stability and cushioning of the 35C tires were added, and the unique feeling realized by a strong request from the T19 side was a very easy to ride. Parts that are assembled to the finished car also select parts with excellent functionality while incorporating vintage tastes. You can ride it as it is, and depending on your ideas, you can customize it. T19, which is not an exaggeration to say that he has created a pisto culture in Tokyo, has announced a fixie bike for the first time in six years. The creation of those people has always been leading the scene, which is always up to our imagination. In 2016, it looks like a pretty challenging product, but this will surely create a culture as it was like in the past. The scheduled release date is August 15, 2016. Pre -orders will be made from March 18 to April 20, 2016. It is 4 days left! T19 BIKES × How I Roll “Minium” Track Bike Comprete/¥ 130,000- Frameshet/¥ 80,000- For inquiries, please contact the nearby Brotures Shop or Brotures Online → Click here for inquiries ← Adatch 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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