How to Order.

Today, I will introduce the bicycle order method at the store. BROTURES is a select shop that handles a finished car, including a finished car and a custom completed car. First of all, I would like to enter from the rough explanation of the completed car and the custom completed car. Features of completed car Because the manufacturer is product as part of the frame to the parts, it is often a fixed look. In addition, it can be embarked on relatively inexpensive. The default parts are different depending on the grade of the finished vehicle, as the original parts of the frame manufacturer and the parts of the famous parts manufacturers are customized from the no -brand. Complete bikes are equipped with parts that can be satisfied even by beginners who do not know anything, such as parts, and are sold in a gentle price range for those who are riding for the first time. For the time being, it is recommended for those who want to ride a fixie bike. Features of custom bikes You can make your own original motorcycle in the world to select all parts such as frames to wheels and handle in the store. You can choose the parts you want to attach from the beginning, so there is no waste in parts. About half of bicycles are sold as custom bikes at Brotures. This is a recommended order for those who want to have individuality. Partial custom sales such as changing only the handle based on the above complete bike are also possible. In addition, as a reason why the piste bike is fun and addictive, it is a simple bicycle, so even small parts such as the handle and stem may change driving, change the speed, and change the riding comfort. Even if you have no knowledge and do not know about a bicycle at all, the sales staff will lecture from the functionality of parts to how to assemble it. It is safe because we are preparing a test ride even for those who do not know the ride comfort of the fixie bike. When assembling a custom completed car, you can also create a free quote, so please feel free to contact the staff !!! Benefits of fixie bikes Unlike road bikes and cross bikes, fixie bikes can choose either fixed gear or free gear. A fixed gear is a bicycle that is directly connected to the pedal, and the pedal movement and the movement of the rear wheel are directly connected, so if you stop the pedaling suddenly, the rear wheel will be locked. In that sense, you need to be careful when riding a fixed gear. However, it is said that the speed is higher than the free gear, and unlike the road bike, it can reach the top speed quickly, so it is said that it is suitable for "STOP & GO", a city driving such as commuting and commuting. Also, if the pedal is turned in reverse, the wheels will rotate in reverse, and in the case of this principle, the speed will gradually drop if the pedaling is gradually stopped. It is a bicycle where you can run while playing with tricks unique to the fix. Free gear is the same as a general car (so -called mamachari), and even if you stop pedaling, it will proceed by inertia. I guess it can be said that many people are familiar with the bicycle structure! I think the difference between fixed gear and free gear can be realized on a test drive when you visit BROTURES. If you are thinking about purchasing, be sure to try a test drive. In addition, fixie bikes are relatively easy to maintain and make it easier to maintain. And, as an order method, you will have to choose a completed car or a custom completed car according to your budget and custom. Finished car is recommended for those who want to start riding with low initial costs, handle and saddles! For those who want to customize as a whole or want to assemble one of the original, a custom completed car is recommended! It's okay to do a full custom based on the finished car, so it's OK to assemble the custom completed car as a standard and make one point! Please feel free to contact the staff even if you have not decided whether it is a completed car or a custom completed car! We will propose according to your request as much as possible. You can pay in cash, cards, loans (split) and your favorite method. In the case of split, you can specify the monthly amount per month, and it is 5 % of low interest rates than credit card installments. Previous loan simulation is also possible. Please feel free to use. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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