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Hello! It's a moderately warm and pleasant climate today! Just a bicycle day! ! This season is the best! In summer, it's too hot in summer to make it impossible to move ... I'm saying this, but recently I couldn't get on it too much with rain! excuse me! ! Well, I was tired of train commuting, so today was "bicycle commuting", It's really the best of the seasonal piste bike ... it's the best! ! Moving your body at the beginning of the day is healthy, mentally refreshed and evolved into a meaningful day. Even with the same commuting time, if you feel stressed for a long time on a crowded train, "bicycle commuting" is better! ! Also, I am 27 years old now, but at this age I can't feel the lack of exercise ... So, for those who don't usually sports like me, it's a "bicycle commuting"! ! Even so, I think that 10km to 20km is a tough story with mamachari, and it is not cool first! smile Therefore, the "fixie bike" that solves both requests, "Leader Bikes"What is it! !! Among them, it is popular with a very thick look that stands out.735TR"I customized it. It's persistent for those who often see blogs, but this "this"735TR"I recommend it now! !! Leader Bikes 735TR Custom Custom COMPLETE BIKE W/ I806TR FULL CARBON FORK ¥ 190,000 (+tax) ~ ⇒ ¥ 170,000 (+tax) ~ As you can see from the photos, isn't it possible to find a bicycle that smokes a man's heart so far? The aero frame with an impact that is molded with a very thick tube adopts the original geometry of "Leder Bikes". It is the only one that overwhelms other bicycles. In addition, the welding surface is erased, and the coloring finished in matte black is one of the smoking male hearts! ! This custom is "Leader Bikes" for the handle.Down TownThis is a fixie bike! I polished the looks. And noteworthy is the front wheelHEDThat's right! ! For frames with impact, "deep rim" with impact is recommended. Everyone longs forJet 9Install to a luxury one. And the crank part, which is the heartSugino 75 Crankof. The chain ringSugino ZenFor a combination that is definitely attached! ! And the stem, seat postThomsonUnified. The last saddle partSelle ItalliaofNovus Flow SSupports ass. It is a unique look, but it matches wonderfully. Imagine commuting on such a cool bicycle? The commuting time you visit every day is always a good time! ! Still, the lack of exercise has been eliminated and the physical condition is good, so you can't help but ride! ! After that, I hope you can consult with your wallet ... Honestly, it's not a cheap shopping. It doesn't go suddenly. Such a personSplitI think the purchase in is the most realistic, and unlike a credit card, the commission is quite low and it is advantageous! ! It is easy to think that the procedure is troublesome, but if you are an adult and have a status confirmation (license, etc.), the procedure will be completed in about 30 minutes! ! I think it will be easier to understand if you compare it with monthly transportation expenses! If you pay ¥ 15,000 a month for something that has nothing to do with transportation expenses, it is better to pay the "735TR" that remains as a thing, isn't it? The split simulation is described, so for reference! ! 12 payments 5 % of real annual rate Interfeit payment fee 5,012 yen Total payment fee 188,612 yen 1st payment amount 15,912 yen x 1 time Payment from the second time 15,700 yen x 11 times The other day, I had a chance to get on a crowded train, but I was wondering if I could eat this every day. In a world where many people feel stressed before work, I feel honestly abnormal. First, think that you were deceived, and change your daily commuting to "bicycle commuting". Any bicycle is fine! ! Somehow, the extra stress that I still felt without permission will disappear, and it will turn my everyday life into a richer one! ! As many people as possible, I would be happy if I could live without feeling unnecessary stress! ! If you have any concerns, you can use phone and email, so please feel free to contact us! ! Mazda BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email: kichijoji@broRes.com
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