Crisking R45 CERAMIC HUB !!

Today we will introduce the hub of King of Hub, Chris King! If you are riding a fixie bike or road bike, you may have heard the name at least once, but for those who do not know at all, I would like to easily enter from the explanation of Chris King. CHRIS KING started in 1976 with bicycle head parts, and since then, it has been a manufacturer that has consistently produced all products in the United States. The so -called "Made in USA" is the one. The corporate philosophy is that "manufacturing is not only to make the best products, but also to fulfill and take responsibility in all manufacturing processes", and the cup is particular about the accuracy of bearings and the cup. The motto is that the bearings are created and the extra is not excess as much as the created. CHRISKING, who has such a commitment, is 40 years later, and it is a manufacturer that will continue to stand at the top of bicycle parts! It is a manufacturer with a sense of Japanese manufacturing spirit. The hub introduced this time is the best hub that was produced in such a commitment! Cris King R45 CERAMIC Front ¥ 44,000 (+Tax) Weight 102g, 5 years of warranty There are plenty of colors, and it's nice to be able to select according to the color of the rim and frame! Rotality, durability, and all of them are high quality. In a regular blog, I write about the performance of the hub, but the product is all the best words, so this time I would like to write about the manufacturer called Chris King! As mentioned above, CHRIS KING is particular about "Made in USA" and is making the best manufacturing, but there are other commitments. It is environmental consideration. We make things that do not last long in the mass production and mass consumer society to date, people who can easily throw them away, buy new things, and create a tremendous garbage as soon as possible, "as much as possible, as much as possible. There is a commitment to suppressing garbage discharge, which leads to corporate philosophy. All machining use environmentally friendly soy oil, so employees can work with bare hands. The chips (metal shaving scum) that appear at the time of product production are also recycled. In order to recycle, it is necessary to wash the oil on the chip, but in Chris King, the chip is applied to the chip of 400 tons by applying 400 tons of hydraulic pressure to 98%of the chip and purifying it. Waste oil is reused when producing parts again, and the chips are also better regenerative materials. Considering the environment has led to a better idea of ​​considering employees, and the idea of ​​being responsible for the material and manufacturing process for "Made in USA" has led to better manufacturing. In that sense, Chrisking parts can be said to be high quality. Honestly, in terms of money, it is quite expensive for bicycle parts, but it seems that it is a lifetime part rather than continuing to consume inexpensive parts, and it seems that it is not so expensive considering the environment. It is a dish full of CHRIS KING's thoughts more than the price.
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