CINELLI MASH's masterpiece handle restock.

The popular bullhorn bar is back in stock. CINELLI MASH BULLHORN ¥ 17,500 It is a handlebar designed and designed in consideration of all details to achieve various comfort and safe position. It adopts an aero shape, and is a major feature of the wing section that is easy to grasp. In addition, the drop is set shallowly, so it is possible to change the position of the grip and run casually. Using a colon bus aluminum, rigidity is also complained. The bold graphic work, the 18th of Cinelli, is a sense that other manufacturers cannot.HistgramNot only PARALLAX but also Leader personallyCureI guess the area is the most compatible. Regardless of the release, the popularity that does not decline feels the strength of CINELLI and MASH brand power. Since it is an imported product from overseas, it will be long if you do not get it at some time. It is a handle that receives many inquiries only when you do not stock it. This time it is about 20 in stock. How is one? Junki → Click here for inquiries ← 045-413-7875 [Road blog to Brotures YOKOHAMA] Pop -up is until this weekend!
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