Recommendation of hand -assembled wheels

One of the parts of the bicycle parts that affects the appearance and riding comfort is wheel. BroturesThenCarbon diprimorBaton wheelIs particularly popular. The impact of the appearance is outstanding, and the crisp riding comfort that cuts the wind cannot be tasted with other wheels.

but! What I personally recommend is hand -assembled wheels!

BROTURESSHRED WHEELThe complete wheels in the world are shipped in a factory and shipped. Therefore, it is excellent in cospa instead of sacrificing accuracy. On the other hand, a single gear combination wheel is a problem that the options are quite small. Then I will make it. To brief the benefits of hand -assembled wheels, ・ The variations of the wheels that can be assembled increase dramatically. ・ Because the mechanic is assembled by hand from scratch, the accuracy rises with a goon. ・ It is difficult to swing, highly durable. ・ Aftercare is also enriched. ・ I like bicycles more. It was just out of stockH Plus SonThe rims have also arrived, and the hubs are also selected what we can recommend with confidence. As a guide to quote, [Rim price]+[Hub price]+[Spoke (standard ¥ 3,000)]+[Wheel assembly wage ¥ 3,000] = ¥ ???????? It feels like that. Please contact us because you want to give your personality, want to run quickly, want to make it lighter, want a tough wheel, or ETC any nuance! Your bicycle will be cooler and it will be easier to ride! TOSHI BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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